Success starts in a clean and composed mind where the right vision emerges.

Franciscus has always been dedicated to the development of harmonious and effective organizations. A prosperous organization over a long time is the result of building an excellent culture.

Professional Experience

Franciscus is his time ahead and from his youth inspired by the yogi’s from the Himalayas. He established with some friends meditation centers in Indonesia, Holland and Poland. In Holland together with his friends thought more then 1000 people meditation of which many where executives.

He advocates expanding of awareness to build more holistic organizations. Organisations based on fulfilling true human needs. According to Franciscus idea the coin of prosperity main side is happiness and fulfillment. Financial profit is just a result.

During his about 10 years assignment at Shell Energy he proved that the essence of leadership is to be good for your employees. Being an early advisor to Ben van Beurden about cheaper and cleaner energy before his assignment as CEO of Shell makes Franciscus proud of seeing today an organization striving to be CO2 neutral.

In one of the organizations coached by Franciscus in the Netherlands had a great fire which burned the whole building. Franciscus helped to reshape the organization in two years time before leaving for Poland. Franciscus way was by setting an example by complete engagement and thereby gaining the full help of all involved in the organization. Deadlines where shortened by several months. Today the organization has stabilized and is a much sought place for reflection.

Coaching from the Kitchen

Franciscus was a passionate chef and until today he has a an excellent team of chefs and servants in the Forest Garden near Cracow to serve dinners. It is an experimental kitchen with a fusion of vega – eastern dishes. Franciscus says it is his coaching lab.


Enlightened Leadership, Intuitive intelligence, Developing your most beautiful Self: the Mahendra Test, and many more.

Qualifications & Accreditations

Hotel Management at Maharishi International University Seelisberg Switzerland. An experienced international executive coach, he has certifications and accreditations from recognized global executive coaching organizations, including:

  • Certified Coach by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Premium Coaching.
  • 360 Global Leadership Assessment by Marshall Goldsmith
  • Development of consciousness at Sri Babaji University, Himalayas.
  • Independent meditation teacher.

While working with Franciscus in a business environment I noticed that he has a broad interest in people and in particular in supporting individuals. He has an honest interest in peoples drivers and energizers in life. With his high empathy and calmness people feel directly at ease when talking to him. This helps him to identify personal blockers and providing insights and tools to overcome these. In his personal life he went through a brave and unconventional journey himself to find happiness. I am convinced that as personal coach Franciscus is able to be a great help and support for people to find happiness.” 

Willem de Bruyn, Credit Manager at Shell lubricants Europe.

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