Franciscus has expressed his desire to make Enlightened Leadership available for all levels of leaders. Firstly he has proposed an unique way of pricing. Secondly he gives a guarantee with measurable results. No cure no pay.

The coaching includes:

  1. Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.
  2. A premium 360 assessment
  3. A very personal lifestyle review assuring optimalizing your ways of living assuring the best of your health and happiness.
  4. Enlightened Leadership. A close and fantastic journey to tomorrow’s way of leading. Audits of the five parts of enlightened leadership:
    1. Development of your self in terms of behavior, awareness and consiousness.
    2. Health, safety and ecoligical practises
    3. Customer and employee satisfaction and happiness
    4. Financial fullfilment.
    5. Social contribution
  5. Development of a compelling Vision.

Franciscus works with a full fledged guarantee of results:

  1. We have a system to measure the results by your stakeholders.
  2. The coaching is in your office, online or on a top location. It is designed in such a way that it takes a minimum of your time with a maximum effect on you and your company.

For leaders from smaller companies:

Leaders and managers from companies less then 5.000 employees or not from Europe or Amerika can negotiate the pricing as Franciscus has expressed the desire to make Enlightened Leadership available for all.

Coaching to see

We have a special program for leaders from non profit organizations. This program is free of costs. Please contact us.

5% of the coaching fees from any business goes to a charitable hospital in the remote area’s of the Himalayas  providing free cataract surgeries.