Coaching & Training

Enlightened Leadership Training

What can I expect from Enlightened Leadership training? 

  • Yes, a lighter heart and mind! Greater decisions. More empathy. Greater inclusiveness. Greater focus. 
  • A better vision of the present situation and the development path of your team and company. 
  • More significant logic and quieter emotions. 
  • The development of intuitive intelligence. 
  • Greater alignment with yourself, your team, and customers. 

Topics of the training. 

  • Early morning meditation. Initiation of light in mind and heart and proper follow-up.
  • The principles of Ayur Vedic routine. Ayur Veda is the ancient science of health from India. 
  • Karma Yoga. Excellence in action incorporates universal needs and grows into a new business dimension. 
  • Vision management. How to find and execute your actual goals in your life and business. 

For whom is this training meant? 

Any leader of an organization. C-Suite and management teams, business owners, founders. 

Time investment? 

Time investment three sessions of 4 hours in the first week. One session of two hours in the second, third, and fourth week. A private session of one hour in week five. 

The training is given in small groups of 4 to 8 people. The training is provided every two months. 

Costs of the training:

3500 US dollars, paid before the training on account or py PayPal

360 Global Leadership Assessment

The best way to start a coaching process is by doing a 360 assessment finely developed by Marshall Goldsmith and his team unveiling your greatest strengths and growth areas.

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching 

Ask your direct reports, colleagues and manager for one or two leadership qualities where you can make improvements. The premium and awarded coaching program develop humility, courage and discipline. We are initiating a one-year coaching program with guaranteed results. You have the choice to pay us nothing if our coaching has no results. We have an individual version and a team version of this rewarded coaching program.

Resilience Training – lead by example

In the first place, leaders need healthy and disciplined lifestyles to keep good conditions. Secondly, you need the strength to lead by example. My close friend Drs. Wilhelmus Burgmans, we developed a one-day resilience training with a close analysis of your daily routine. After that, we are discussing strengths and improvement areas. We are sharing a toolkit for improvement.