I can create Time for you

Today time is probably the most valuable asset in personal and business life.

Therefore I have decided to share with you how to create time.

The old saying “Time is money” represents the lesser value of time, needed for paying investments, employees etc. 

There is something much more valuable about time. That is time for reflection, time for developing a vision (which creates upcoming profits and prosperity)

If you can transcend time, you can oversee the past, present and future. Create a better future by presently taking proper action with the culminated past experience.

Distance gives overview and valuable vision. In that way you can create time.

I can create time for you

Time can be created

You believe it or not, Time can be created in your own mind. How to do that? Close your eyes and go within and think about the big bang in the past which created the whole universe, consolidated planets, elements like water air and solid ground were born and the rest we know. 

Ok. you will say, but how do we create time. This is a great secret and a skill I share with you now. In your own mind there is a whole universe with past present and future. All elements are there and in the bottom of your mind is eternity, timelessness. Time is emerging from the eternity as a little spring. We can transcend time by closing our eyes and go beyond your thinking.

How to stop thinking as I have a meeting in five minutes with my leadership team?

Ok. Close your eyes for ten seconds, count until 10 and then slowly open your eyes. On the next meeting I’ll be happy to hear how the meeting went and then we can continue.

Most beneficial advantage of having more time is that the most essential items of your agenda are naturally climbing up and getting actionable. This was reported to me be serveral CEO’s who got more mastery over the time element. Contact me for more information.

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