Intuitive Intelligence

Leadership belongs to them who lead by example. Intuitive intelligence is transferable and a great help on the workplace. An intuitive intelligent person needs not not much words or talking. It’s attuning mentally, like water streaming to the ocean. Intuitive intelligence is a flow. That is the reason why it needs not much words but appreciation, nourishing and confirmation from the leader. In that way being careful not to isolate such high performer by too much praise. Instead of that let it level and flow to others to learn. For me the great thing to see is that such skill as intuitive intelligence is transferable. 

I found that the difference in output between the fastest and slowest waitress is 100%. The difference in quality 25%. Together a difference 125%. Is this acceptable? For me yes. It was much worse when I started the company two years ago. I had some waitresses who were adverse of customers and therefore I asked them kindly to reconsider they wanted to work at my place. 

Intuitive intelligence and differences in performance

A machine measured difference of 500% between the slowest and fastest performer in the corporation where I worked. On top of that the fastest performer also delivered the highest standards of quality. His manager advised the highest performer to take more breaks and I am doing the same to keep high performers in shape and in some way balance the workforce. To tell somebody with intuitive intelligence to go for a break is must more pleasant then to get (s)low performers to talk less and do more. This is pushy and creates an awkward bond between the leader and the performer.

Can intuitive intelligence be transferred

Let me share with you what I noticed from my best performers. They attuned mentally to what I wanted them to do and love working. (“Work is love made visible”. A fantastic book by Frances Hesselbein, Marshall Goldsmith and Sarah McArthur.) They are eager and quick learners. Asking if not knowing or doubting how to do a certain task. Giving valuable improvement suggestions. Giving me as an owner the feeling they care for the company and it’s development. Of course the question arises: can this skill of intuitive intelligence be transferred to others? Those who are usually waiting to be addressed by commands what to do and need much time to get on speed and improve their quality of performance. 

The best performer was the youngest (the one with intuitive intelligence) Because of that reason she was not accepted as a leader. I advised “keep on doing what you are doing” and gave her a little raise. I told her “you can lead by example” and after some time others started to follow her anyway as the development of the cafe/restaurant was demanding full attention and engagement. Passion for work affects your colleagues positively. A cook and serving crew is like orchestra and harmony is the product. Giving beautiful and tasty plates to happy customers is a great joy. The gap in performance is diminishing now and all are finding more their right place. 

Intuitive intelligence creates great results in our kitchen.

There is another angle to this story. What can you do as a leader to promote others to develop intuitive intelligence. Intuitive intelligence is like vision, short time vision put into action. Read this article in Forbes about how many managers have an aligned vision with their CEO. If you as a leader have intuitive intelligence and vision that’s great. Remains the alignment of your managers to your vision or even better develop a shared vision.

If this article is useful for you, please use what fits you. Have a nice day, Franciscus van de Logt. Please write or call me for information or remarks .

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