Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder centered coaching for your leaders

Positive behavioral change is one of the most interesting topics for leaders today.

Leaders often know what to change. A more important issue is how to get these changes going in practice.

Marshall Goldsmith has developed an almost scientific way of helping people to achieve lasting positive behavior.

He called it stakeholder centered coaching. Your stakeholders (direct reports, colleagues, and superiors) give you indicators which behaviors would be favorable to change for more effective functioning of the company.

For instance, one of the most common behaviors to be improved is to increase listening skills. Full attentive listening is a superior skill for leaders. Have your direct reports to tell you what can be done better. 

Another great skill for leaders is to improve empathic inquiring and listening. A sincere interest in how your direct reports feel and listening to their concerns usually pays back by sincere and improved efforts in performance.

Wil Burgmans and Franciscus van de Logt share their experiences as coaches.