Meditation as an effective leadership skill

How can meditation help you as a leader?

Most leaders are very busy dealing with the development off their company. Finding time for even 5 minutes of meditation is not easy.

What is so good about meditation that it is worthwhile to spend these five minutes.

Franciscus is explaining why it is worth to meditate on a webinar 14th of December at 17:00 Central European Time (GMT+1) on linkedIn live.

  1. Inner happiness makes you a better decision maker.
  • A silent mind is a better listener. You know more by listening to your direct reports.
  • Improved resilience is a direct result of meditation.
  • What kind of meditations are available? 
  • Develop the ability to envision the tomorrow of your company.
  • Regular meditation helps behavioral change.

We are giving some general guidelines how to give a few minutes of meditation a place in your daily routine.