In my role as team manager I had the opportunity to visit Frans’ Hotel twice. He offered for my team an integration event which contained; an interactive coaching session on team strengths and a team work cooking activity. The beautiful countryside of Lanckorona together with Frans’ coaching and organisational skills gives an impactful experience. I highly recommend the team coaching session Frans offers.

Jochem Robbé Groskamp Team Manager – Credit Team Management the Netherlands Shell

Had a chance to work together with Franciscus for some time. He has shown himself as a great listener, what is a main asset of a coach. His advices were valuable & applicable not only on professional field, but also useful to take into my personal development. Thank you Franciscus 🙂

Lidia Chrzaszcz Trainer and coach at Shell Energy Campus Kraków Poland

Worked with Franciscus for several years in a few different settings. Franciscus assisted and coached an NGO in the Netherlands to set up a well-functioning retreat center. He did an excellent job in harmony with all the people involved. A few years before, he did the same kind of work in a completely different setting in Indonesia. He also was involved in a training program for managers to discover the value of their inner potential for successful management. In my experience, he is an excellent coach for leaders and others involved in higher management and business. 

Dr. Wil Burgmans. Educational Psychologist, Coach and Manager of the Haidakhandi Samaj in Holland

While working with Franciscus in a business environment I noticed that he has a broad interest in people and in particular in supporting individuals. He has an honest interest in people’s drivers and energizers in life. With his high empathy and calmness, people feel directly at ease when talking to him. This helps him to identify personal blockers and providing insights and tools to overcome these. In his personal life, he went through a brave and unconventional journey himself to find happiness. I am convinced that as personal coach Franciscus is able to be a great help and support for people to find happiness.

Willem de Bruyn. Credit Manager Lubricants Europe at Shell