The Mahendra Test for Visionairs

Are you a visionair? Do you have the rare ability to see and structure a future for your people and organization? Congratulations! That’s indeed a uncommon gift which is on one side difficult and on the other side a great thing with which you can help people and organisations.

Most visionairs are sensitive people and that’s why they can look further then people who are only fixed on todays tasks which must be done. It’s nothing mystic as Peter Drucker said ”I just look out the window and see what’s visible – but not yet seen

Visionairs can look far and see what is coming. How to use your vision for the benefit of your organization or society?

Mahendra Baba was a great writer and poet from Bihar in India who was mainly concentrated on preparing the coming of his master the great Himalayan yogi Sri Babaji.

Mahendra Maharaj tested his own visions as they often were to good to be true

At a certain occasion Mahendra Baba got inspired by a beautiful set of lines about his master. He liked the verses very much but he had one doubt. How much of my ego is involved in all this? Maybe it is my ego who wanted to produce something nice and be praised for it? With this Idea in mind he said to himself. “If these verses are really coming from deep within they are still there and they will come back if I discard them now”. And as he thought he did.

He was right. On another occasion the verses came back and he was sure of the greatness of them without the involvement of his own ego. 

The beginning of a vision can be overwhelming for many reasons and a young born vision needs to be sanity checked and after that the whole proces of giving life to that vision to the spheres of action and executing will start and take place.

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