You can do it different

You can do it differently: A good friend promoted this insight. He was the head of an international religious organisation. He turned a part of a prominent monastery into a thriving retreat centre for people in care organisations and leaders in business.

It corresponds with the teaching of Marshall Goldsmith, who teaches leaders to change behaviour for the better. You don’t need to change everything. It is enough to find one or two behaviours which you improve.

First, select one or two most appealing behaviours to improve. You can ask your co-workers or anyone who cares about your development for suggestions. After that, you start practising your new behaviours.

Once a month, you ask your Co-workers how you are doing regarding your improvement goals. In practice, it takes courage to go through these behavioural changes. These teachings of Marshall and Wim correspond very much.

“Do it a little different.”Behavioural change is challenging and needs courage and humility.